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OWSI Background

As scuba instructors, we have a full understanding of the diving market and training systems. This way, we ensure a fast understanding of the technical aspects of your business.


We have extensive experience in the marketing and creative fields, guaranteeing you a high quality service as well as visual consistency in all the materials we produce.

onsite or remote

We are willing to relocate to your location to not only experience your operation and get a full understanding of it, but to also discover your local resources and work out unique possibilities.

Package Deals

We have designed packages that suite everybody’s needs. Save time and stress with our yearly design and marketing support as well as customized ocean conservation and clean-up campaigns. 


We cover all aspects of your dive operations’ marketing and design needs.


The foundation of your dive business’ strategy. Make sure you have a unique concept, clear values and personal language that distances your business from your competition.

Logo Design & Corporate ID

The face of your business needs to say much more than a name.
We can update and restyle your logo or create one from zero together.

Web Design

We create great looking, data collecting, responsive WordPress sites and, with our technical support, we help you maintain and update your website when required.

Social Media & Advertising

Just because you are online, doesn’t mean you exist. Bring your dive center alive with our social media management and advertising service.

Print Design

Dive site maps, flyers, banners, business cards, t-shirts, training and teaching aids. If it is printable, we’ll create it to the highest of standards.

Shopfront Decoration & Murals

Need to visually change your shopfront? From mural painting to customized handmade decoration, we can work out what works best for you and your budget.


Living in a high paced world where technological and marketing trends are constantly evolving, we understand that scuba diving operators have little or no time to update their marketing and communication strategies. Maybe it’s time you needed a partner?

Born from our love for the ocean, 50bar Scuba Design is a small, yet multi-disciplined, creative marketing and design studio for the scuba diving industry. Our creative team is composed of scuba instructors with experience in both teaching and dive center management, guaranteeing our clients a full understanding of the diving industry and its audience.

As avid ocean defenders, we believe that the dive industry is a key factor in ocean advocacy. Our mission is to help create more ocean ambassadors through dive operations worldwide by transforming scuba diving businesses into coherent and solid brands. Through design and a creative marketing/communication strategy, we will be able to improve your business’s presence online and offline which in turn will help you increase your revenue and customer database. In conclusion, whatever is beneficial to your diving center will be directly beneficial to our oceans too. Let’s collaborate!




Julia_50bar scuba design


OWSI & Project Manager

Creative, designer, photographer, traveler, ocean lover and scuba instructor. With an extensive advertising and marketing background, she has worked for multinational brands and dive centers around the world, putting extreme care and dedication to each work she performs.

Miguel Aza Art Director and Brand Strategist


OWSI & Brand StrAtegist

World traveler, ocean enthusiast and nudibranch lover. With over 10 years of experience in the advertising sector, he has worked for a variety of global brands and small companies. His goal is to dedicate his diving and creative skills towards ocean conservation and divulgation.



Elena is a globe-trotter and turtle-lover with over 15 years of diving know-how. Having started her copywriting business in 2017, Elena is a close ally for dive centres and the travel & hospitality industry, helping them promote their products and services through customised copywriting solutions.

We found 50barScubaDesign when we had almost given up hope of redesigning the corporate image of our resort. We had tried other graphic designers but they did not quite understand our idea, nor did they have the ability to sketch the first steps. This was not a problem for the 50bar team who go far beyond graphic design, providing a much more complete service. They designed several proposals with the idea we were looking for, from there the image evolved to the final product with which we are extremely satisfied! We were so happy that later we commissioned several corporate templates that have perfectly completed our branding. 100% recommended professionals!

Julia and Miguel have successfully improved Octopus Scuba as a business thanks to their scuba/marketing knowledge. Working onsite with us, they quickly understood our dive operation's working and selling system and managed to improve it with their digital and handcrafted material. Thanks to their creative intervention we have more visibility in the area, leading to an increase in sales and walk-in customers. Very recommendable if your business is in need of an efficient and cost-effective makeover.

Daniel Martin
CD & partner @octopus scuba

Julia and Miguel have rebranded the dive center and designed a new website, as well as creating a busy and effective social media presence. This has significantly boosted our productivity and we are extremely pleased with the results. When going through this process I was especially impressed with the way they worked with me, checking that I was happy with the way things were progressing to produce a great new brand and ideas that were professional and innovative, whilst keeping the style of the business. In conclusion, it has been a pleasure to work with them and I would highly recommend them to any further employer.

VicTORIA Saelim
Owner @Blacktip scuba

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