Julia and Miguel have successfully improved Octopus Scuba as a business thanks to their scuba/marketing knowledge. Working onsite with us, they quickly understood our dive operation's working and selling system and managed to improve it with their digital and handcrafted material. Thanks to their creative intervention we have more visibility in the area, leading to an increase in sales and walk-in customers. Very recommendable if your business is in need of an efficient and cost-effective makeover.

CD & partner @octopus scuba

Julia and Miguel have rebranded the dive center and designed a new website, as well as creating a busy and effective social media presence. This has significantly boosted our productivity and we are extremely pleased with the results. When going through this process I was especially impressed with the way they worked with me, checking that I was happy with the way things were progressing to produce a great new brand and ideas that were professional and innovative, whilst keeping the style of the business. In conclusion, it has been a pleasure to work with them and I would highly recommend them to any further employer.

Owner @Blacktip scuba

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